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Please see text below our schedule for details on the wearing of masks.

Starting the 2020 Codgers Season
Thanks to Ed Dewitt, Bob Zibbell and Steve Senior for their leadership while Chip is taking some needed time off!

Regarding the wearing of Masks:

Message from Steve Senior, D2 Coaches Coordinator:
"During the recent D2 coaches meeting at the Heights, it was agreed that runners on base would be wearing masks. This is not optional. When someone is running hard there is a greater chance of spit, sweat, whatever flying from his face, and a mask, although not perfect, will at least help somewhat from the spread of airborne crap. Ed had to submit a Codger safety plan to the Falmouth Rec in order to get their permission for us to use the fields. One of the things we agreed to was that everyone would show up with a mask, sanitizer, and wipes, and wear the mask whenever there was a chance a safe distance couldn't be maintained. One of the problems we have right now is that not enough people care about the next person. I witnessed it in the very first game on Monday. Coaches need to set the example and require their teams to follow the protocol. If we are to finish this season without a problem we need to do some of these minor things that will help and not hurt us. When we are playing our games we are very visible to the public. We need to make sure we don't give them any reason to report us to the Rec Department, thus jeopardizing our season. That has already happened in the Falmouth Men's league. Wearing the mask when needed isn't really a big deal guys. Just think about the next guy once in a while."

A Message from Joe Olenick, Recreation Director, Falmouth Recreation Department
"I would like to commend the Codgers for following the Guidance and Protocols issued by the CDC and the State. I have driven by the Heights and Nye Park on several occasions and have observed many if not all players wearing or having masks around their ears ready to wear when needed. This has not been the case for other groups who have been given use of town fields. Keep up the good work and please stay safe. Joe

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2019 Codgers 70's Team - Tournament Harwich, MA
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The Cape Codgers is a slow pitch senior softball league based in Falmouth, Massachusetts on Cape Cod. We offer 2 divisions of play. The Codger regular season runs from June to September with a fall ball season that runs to November. And optional softball, volunteer, and other activities continue all year long. Our membership is open to players of all talent and fitness levels, and a variety of time and participation commitments. Our mission is to create a welcoming environment for seniors seeking an opportunity to have some fun, get or stay in better physical shape, and create new, lifelong friendships. There is no place better to enjoy senior slow pitch softball on Cape Cod!

Everyone is Welcome

No matter what your background, talent level, or location, everyone is invited to join our league. You’ll find a wide variety of players from all walks of life. Plumbers, lawyers, landscapers, retirees, married, single… you name it. And our camaraderie goes far beyond the softball field. Lasting friendships, business partnerships, and philanthropic endeavors have built a solid membership backbone, with new participants joining every week!


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