Cape Codgers Senior Softball League
Crabapples Restaurant, 2021 D2 Champions

We Played Ball!
The Cape Codgers 2021 Season and a return to a sense of normalcy.

2021 proved to be an exciting and successful season for the Cape Cod Senior Softball League. In addition to a return to normal rules of Senior Softball, a new team was added to Division 1, to make 12 teams total in the league. Both divisions 1 and 2 saw an influx of talented new players and the league had it’s first year with women players joining and enjoying softball in our spirit of fun and friendship. For a recap of both The Division 1 and Division 2 Championship Seasons Click Here to go to the News Page!

A message from Chip Mansfield, Founding Father and Ambassador, The Cape Codgers
In 2020, the Codgers' 13 years of building friendships and community through our love of the game took precedence over fear. To be honest, I was very hesitant to condone our 2020 season because of the frightening news on the pandemic. But all reports from town officials said that the Codgers were an example of CDC protocol. Most important, there were very few cases of Covid among those who played this season and the disease did not spread within the league. The 'boys of the summer’ played and prevailed with an abbreviated and competitive schedule with 9 teams in both divisions. Hollis Engley’s team, The Barn Pottery (withTom Griffin's winning hit) wore the crown for Division 2 and, while there were no official playoffs in D1, the players enjoyed a successful schedule of games, followed by a full season of Fall Ball for All. So congratulations to all who made the Codgers 2020 season happen. Thank you all. Hopefully 2021 will bring back the enjoyment of a normal Cape Codgers season where fun and friendships prevail. Stay vigilant, be safe and see you in the Spring! -Chip

Check out Our Fun and Action filled Videos of Past Seasons!
Videos from the past seasons are posted on the Codgers Website. Check them out along with a recap of the 2021 Division Finals, on our News Page.

The Cape Codgers is a slow pitch senior softball league based in Falmouth, Massachusetts on Cape Cod. We offer 2 divisions of play. The Codger regular season runs from June to September with a fall ball season that runs to November. And optional softball, volunteer, and other activities continue all year long. Our membership is open to players of all talent and fitness levels, and a variety of time and participation commitments. Our mission is to create a welcoming environment for seniors seeking an opportunity to have some fun, get or stay in better physical shape, and create new, lifelong friendships. There is no place better to enjoy senior slow pitch softball on Cape Cod!

Everyone is Welcome

No matter what your background, talent level, or location, everyone is invited to join our league. You’ll find a wide variety of players from all walks of life. Plumbers, lawyers, landscapers, retirees, married, single… you name it. And our camaraderie goes far beyond the softball field. Lasting friendships, business partnerships, and philanthropic endeavors have built a solid membership backbone, with new participants joining every week!


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